Global Markets

Your Gateway to the Financial Markets

Global Markets offers an array of Treasury products for investment and risk management needs that cater to both individuals and institutional clients.

Our mission is to generate value for clients through the provision of top-quality financial market services, in-depth investment insights and prudent risk management advices.

Clients can gain timely access to our range of treasury products and services that covers foreign exchange, equity and fixed income.

  • Foreign exchange spots & forwards
  • Foreign exchange options
  • Foreign exchange margin trading*
  • Dual currency investments
  • Listed equity shares & options
  • Over-the-counter equity options
  • Equity accumulator & reverse-accumulator
  • Equity-linked notes
  • Fixed income securities: government bonds and private debt securities
  • Interest-rate swaps & options
  • Cross-currency swaps

*Foreign Exchange Margin Trading

At Global Markets, our dedicated team will assist our clients to invest in foreign exchange by offering Foreign Exchange Margin Trading. With their experience, our dealers strive to seek out opportunities from the hustle and bustle of the foreign exchange market. The team operates on extended dealing hours from 8:30am to 10:00pm to enable our clients to capitalise on opportunities.

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