Insurance - Travel Insurance

Why is Travel Insurance worthwhile?

  • Instant travel insurance coverage.
  • Global 24/7 emergency hotline.
  • Receive fast policy confirmation SMS and e-certificate.
  • Complete coverage for travel inconvenience from flight delays or loss of personal possession.
  • Receive unmatched attention to detail and superb customer service.
  • Enjoy 2X Personal Accident Benefit for “Common Carrier”, up to $500,000 under the Enhanced Plan.
  • Provide high coverage for Emergency Medical Evacuation, up to $250,000 under the Basic Plan, and $500,000 under the Enhanced Plan.

Any travel inconvenience such as loss of personal belongings, flight delays, hospitalisation can wreck your vacation or business trip. One way is to plan for the unexpected events. Good news is our travel insurance plan provides you total security and the right protection when you travel.

What the Travel Insurance Covers

Section Coverage Maximum Benefit Payable (SGD)
(per Insured Person)
1 A Medical and Other Expenses 100,000 150,000
1 Medical Expenses Sub-limit 100,000 150,000
2 Follow-up Medical Expenses within 30 days after return to Singapore Sub-limit 3,000 5,000
3 Compassionate Visit Sub-limit 3,000 5,000
4 Burial or Cremation (outside Singapore); Return of Mortal Remains or Ashes Sub-limit 3,000 5,000
5 Funeral Expenses (outside Singapore) Sub-limit 1,000 1,500
6 Return of Minor Children Sub-limit 3,000 5,000
B Emergency Medical Evacuation 250,000 500,000
C Hospital Cash Benefit (outside Singapore)
SGD200 per day up to maximum 30 days
6,000 6,000
2 A Personal Accident (including Major Burns) 150,000 250,000
Cover for Children 50,000 100,000
B "Common Carrier" Personal Accident Benefit (not applicable to children) 300,000 500,000
C Credit Card Protection (not applicable to children) 1,000 1,500
D Cash Relief for Death due to:
Accident; or 2,000 3,000
Sickness 1,000 1,500
3 Baggage and Personal Effects 2,000 3,000
For each article or pair or set of article 2,000 3,000
4 A Personal Money 250 250
B Personal Document 500 1000
1 Loss of Personal Documents Sub-limit 500 1000
2 Additional Travelling & Accommodation Expenses due to Loss of Passport Sub-limit 250 500
5 Delayed Baggage (SGD100 for each 6 hours) 200 300
6 Personal Liability 300,000 500,000
7 Loss of Deposit or Cancellation of Trip (including “Travel Alert” Protection) 3,000 5,000
8 Curtailment of Journey (Including "Travel Alert" Protection) 3,000 5,000
Trip Curtailment due to Travel Delay 1,000 1,500
9 Travel Delay (SGD100 for each 6 hours) 300 500
10 Loss of Home Contents due to Burglary 1,000 1,500
For each article or pair or set of article Sub-limit 500 500
11 Golfing "Hole In One" 150 250

Who can apply

All HL Bank customers.

For full details of the policy coverage terms, conditions and exclusions, please refer to the policy documents.
This plan is underwritten by HL Assurance Pte Ltd.
Information correct as at 25 December 2014.

Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme

This policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact your insurer or visit the following websites: